Adapt PIGSR to your research study or clinical context

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Pediatric Template

Personalize the Introduction to PIGSR

PIGSR is designed to be completed by your patients or research participants without direct guidance from study personnel or healthcare providers. For this reason, it needs a brief introduction to explain why you are ordering a genetic test.

Update the Primary Reason for Testing

Question 1 asks your respondents to record whether they only want primary results from their genomic testing, or both primary and secondary results. The first step to adapting PIGSR is to change question one to reflect your primary reason for testing. Change options 1 and 2 to reflect your primary reason result.

Check the Preferences for Secondary Genomic Results

Questions 2 through 15 ask your respondents about secondary results they may want to receive. You only need to change these if one of these is the same as your primary reason for testing. When that is the case, simply remove that question. For ease of analysis later, we recommend that you keep the original numbers assigned to each question, even if you eliminate one of these question.

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